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The World’s Best Antivirus Platform

BlockDefend AI installs as a browser extension. It vets the parties and properties you interact with on the Web to warn you before you take potentially dangerous actions. Blockdefend also integrates with wallets like metamask providing security right there.

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Why choose BlockDefend AI

Easy Installation

Upon installing BlockDefend AI, live protection activates instantly.

Phishing Alerts

Get a warning notification if you head to a phishing website.

Transaction Safety

Receive a real-time risk report before approving a transaction.

Proceed or Halt

Decide if you want to stop or proceed based on the generated report.

Secure Your Safety

BlockDefend AI Protection Fund

Fill this form if you are a victim.

BlockDefend AI does its due diligence to verify the crypto scam.

If the claim is verified, your transaction will be refunded from BlockDefend AI's protection fund.

  • Private Keys Compromised. (56.4%)
  • Flashloan misconfiguration exploit. (5.2%)
  • Flashloan Reetrency Attack. (5.1%)
  • Others.(33.3%)
Web3 Economy Protection Fund



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  • Phishing websites validation
  • Smart contract analysis
  • Token analysis
  • Transaction simulation
  • Risk and vulnerability detection
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    30 day opt-out guarantee.

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    The Ultimate Security Showdown


    BlockDefend AI vs. Leading Industry Competitor

    In the world of antivirus protection, BlockDefend AI outshines the competition, including the big player, McAfee, which is valued at $4.8 billion.

    Comparing them is like contrasting a trailblazer with established options. BlockDefend AI isn't just keeping pace; it's setting the pace, particularly in the Web3 and DeFi space, establishing itself as a pioneer. Consider the significance of this achievement.

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